Saturday, April 21, 2012

Roadside America!

I am inordinately pleased by this.

Roadside America started out as a book cataloguing the weird and (often unintentionally) hilarious roadside attractions that festoon the North American road system--dinosaur parks, mystery caves, and various contenders for World's Largest Ball of Twine. Fun and educational, at least compared to the public school system.

There may or may not still be a book, but Roadside now continues as a website, with updates all the time.

I recently submitted a tip on the baffling Joey Salter memorial in Moncton, which supposedly shows a ship rising from the depths (per the city's motto, "Resurgo.") But since the ship's captain is standing on the bow, it looks to any casual observer that the ship is actually sinking. Not exactly the kind of message the local Babbitts want to be sending. I can only assume the chamber of commerce took one look at finished product and smacked themselves in the forehead. What the hell were we thinking?

Anyway, they ran my tip. Some of us aspire to having cartoons published in the New Yorker, or articles in Harper's or the London Review of Books. Me, my aspirations are more modest. Also awesome.

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  1. congrats-
    I remember you showing me that book way back when...