Saturday, February 12, 2011

A plug: Hyperbole and a half

Usually when people with blogs don't post for awhile, they start their post with "Sorry I haven't posted lately." I refuse to do that. It's a blog; I'm doing it for free; I post when I feel like it. Dammit!

Which is why you should not interpret my posting twice in one day as a kind of spasm of remorse, massive overcompensation for failing to update a blog that is mostly followed by immediate family members who have heard this stuff a million times already.

Okay, that said: I found an awesome blog by a girl named Allie, who is one of those rare creatures whose ability to tell a story with a combination of words and pictures qualifies as genius. She seems to be both genuinely eccentric and hyper-talented--an exceedingly rare combination, as anyone who's been to art school can attest. Allie seems to draw using some low-res image program like Windows Paint or some such. But she's so good with a mouse (I am told she actually draws with a mouse, not a stylus) that her drawings come out with a kind of gestural energy combined with master draftsmanship that reminds me of Ralph Steadman without the splatters.

And her stuff is funny. Go see her blog. It's called Hyperbole And A Half.

Okay, that's my second post today. There might not be any others for awhile. Depends how I feel.

Please come back from time to time, though, just to make sure.

1 comment:

  1. the dogs/moving one is so very awesome

    "i made food, i am magical"

    beats the xmas one hands down.

    I like her explanation, too, for the work that goes into making her drawings, that they are not as random as they seem, but are chosen carefully to represent the story, and drawn with a careful faux childish hand. it was an important note in construction that in many comic strips, isn't always apparent. reminds me of jeff brown in that sense.

    i forget to check back on her strip and it refuses to email me. frickin internet.